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                                                  Ammonium sulfamate

                                                  Ammonium sulfamate (NH2SO3NH4)
                                                  CAS Number: 7773-06-0
                                                  AMMONIUM SULFAMATE
                                                  Annual production capacity: 3,000 tons
                                                  Nature: white crystal. Soluble in water, molecular weight 114.12, easy to absorb moisture in the air, insoluble in methanol and ethanol.
                                                  Uses: Widely used in pesticides, printing and dyeing, tobacco, building materials, textile and other industrial sectors. Is the production of soybean herbicide - imazapril smoke, flame retardants, curing agent of the important raw materials.
                                                  Packaging, storage and transportation: lined with double plastic bags outside the plastic woven bags, net weight 25 kg. According to the general chemical storage, moisture and sun.
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