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                                                  The development of flame retardants
                                                  Since the early 1950s, more than 60 years, especially since the early 1980s, flame retardants (FR) and flame-retardant polymer materials have played an important role in reducing the loss of life and property caused by fire The role of. At present, the total amount of global FR in all kinds of plastic additives in plasticizers after the second place.
                                                  The total consumption of the world's total flame retardants in 2007 was about 1.7 million tons, about 1.95 million tons in 2008, 2.3 million tons in 2010, is expected to reach 2.62 million tons by 2014, 2010 - 2014 will maintain an annual average of about 3.5% Growth rate.
                                                  From the sales point of view, in 2005 the global sales of flame retardants about 3.5 billion US dollars in 2008 about 4.1 billion US dollars in 2010 reached 5 billion US dollars in 2014 is expected to reach 6.1 billion US dollars, 2010-2014 will maintain about 5.5% The average annual growth rate.
                                                  In recent years, China's annual growth rate of flame retardant production is estimated to reach 15% -20%, far higher than the global level of 3% -4%. 2010 domestic plastic products production of 58,303,800 tons, according to flame retardant plastic accounted for 20% of plastic products and flame retardant use ratio of 10%, 2010, the domestic market potential of the flame retardant industry in the 1.17 million tons of domestic Flame retardant industry potential market size of about 98 million tons.
                                                  China's fuel, whether in the variety or the number of developed countries with the gap between the development prospects, should develop innovative capacity to promote the flame retardant industry towards environmental protection, low toxicity, efficient, multi-functional Direction.
                                                  Flame retardant industry is a regulatory-driven industry, but also the global competitive industries, therefore, domestic and foreign relevant laws and regulations have been gradually introduced and gradually improve the impact of the pattern of the entire flame-retardant industry, with resource advantages, economies of scale and R & D advantages Of the enterprises to provide opportunities for development. China's "second five" plan to flame retardant materials into the development of key industries, and set up a green flame retardant industry technology innovation strategic alliance for the development of flame retardant materials industry provides a policy platform.
                                                  Fire-retardant science and technology is to adapt to the needs of social safety and life, to prevent the occurrence of fire, the protection of people's lives and property developed a science. Flame retardant is the application of flame retardant technology in real life. It is a special chemical additive used to improve the combustion performance of combustible and flammable materials. It is widely used in flame retardant processing of all kinds of decoration materials.
                                                  The production and application of flame retardants, after experiencing the vigorous development of the early eighties, has entered a stage of steady development. With the development of China's synthetic materials industry and the continuous expansion of application areas, flame retardants in the chemical building materials, electrical appliances, transportation, aerospace, daily furniture, interior decoration, basic necessities and other fields have broad market prospects. In addition, coal fields, oil fields, forest fire and other fields also contributed to China's fire-retardant, fire extinguishing agent production faster development. China's flame retardant has developed into a plasticizer after the second largest polymer modified additives. In recent years, China's production and consumption of flame retardants continue to develop, the domestic consumption of flame retardants rose sharply, increasing market share mainly from two aspects: the electronics and automotive market.
                                                  Domestic flame retardant varieties and consumption or organic flame retardant, inorganic flame retardant production and consumption is still less, but in recent years the momentum of development is better, the market potential. The most commonly used halogen flame retardants in flame retardants, although they have unparalleled high efficiency in other flame retardants, are not to be overlooked for environmental and human hazards. Environmental issues is the development of additives and application focus, so at home and abroad has been adjusting the product structure of flame retardants, increase the efficient environment-friendly flame retardant development. Halogen-free, low-smoke, low-toxic flame retardant has always been the goal of people in recent years, people have no enthusiasm for the development of halogen-free flame retardants, put a lot of power, and achieved considerable results.
                                                  With the national demand for flame retardant technology to strengthen the development of China's flame retardants and development will be a better broad prospects. China should improve the development of innovative capacity, and promote the flame retardant industry towards environmental protection, low toxicity, efficient, multi-functional direction.
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